We are very excited to report that a Community Orchard has been planted in the PARC by the Wotton Community Orchard Group. Matt Adams gave us an update on the Orchard and what is planned for the future.

“The intention of the Community Orchard is to offer people in Wotton and surrounding areas the opportunity to explore and appreciate trees and nature. Fruit trees are a good choice because we can eat the fruit directly from the tree which gives the opportunity to deepen our connection with nature, as well as appreciate their beauty as they grow. This connection can be strengthened over time by activities that celebrate the seasons: enjoying the blossom in spring; the shade in summer; harvesting, eating and juicing in the autumn; and pruning and wassailing in the winter.”

Joining the Orchard Community The group is open to anyone in the Wotton and surrounding area and is free to join. Follow this link to a sign up form http://eepurl.com/gUEl5z or Contact mattcadams@outlook.com and ask to be added to the mailing list. You will only receive occasional emails about events.

More information can be found here:  Wotton Community Orchard


Ashmead’s Kernel – An excellent dessert apple. Gloucestershire’s most famous apple started in 1700 but not recognised much outside the county for nearly 300 years after its birth. 

Carol’s Red’s – Excellent quality, bittersweet cider apple. This apple was found growing in Shepperdine and was found to make excellent cider. We don’t know the name of the apple so it was named after the woman whose orchard they were found in – Carol and the fact they were red. Foxwhelp – A bitter sharp cider apple grown widely in Gloucestershire and Hereford dating back to around 1600.

Hagloe Crab – A highly regarded vintage cider variety possibly started as early as 1620 in the hamlet of its name near Awre. Years ago its cider could be `exchanged barrel for barrel for spiritous liquor’. Also a good cooking apple.

Katy – Bright red heavy cropper. Sweet/acid, firm and juicy. Best known as a dessert apple, but is used commercially as a sweet cider apple too. 

Kingston Black Somerset – Ck One of the best known vintage cider varieties, medium bittersharp. Somerset 19th century. 

Longney Russet  – An old general purpose variety from the village of its name. Mentioned in 18th Century literature. Stores very well 


Blakney Red – The most common perry pear which can also be stewed. Also used to dye soldiers’ khaki uniforms. Very reliable, heavy cropper. 

Comice – Medium/large yellow fruit often with a red flush, rich juicy flavour, grow with Concorde for reliable pollination, 19th century. 

Conference – Reliable cropper, excellent flavour, self-fertile, Hertfordshire 19th Century.